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A Tale of Two Knitties

The projects on my needles right now are a study in contrasts.  Allow me to demonstrate…


The much larger item at the top is a shrug I started about 15 minutes ago.  It is a lacy sleeve accessory, made out of bulky yarn on size 10 1/2 US needles.  It is purely a product knit, as I am making it specifically to go with a tank top I bought a week ago.  The pattern has been in my queue for a while, but when the tank appeared and I started thinking about how my upper arms are not really things that anybody needs to see too much of, this project presented itself as just the thing.  Also, I was in the mood for something quick and easy.

The smaller, more delicate-looking item at the bottom, is my other project du jour.  It is the start of a pair of Sanquhar gloves, about which I will write more later.  The yarn weight is between lace and fingering, and the needles are size 0.  And that is for the ladies large!  For these gloves, basically the yarn and the pattern remain the same no matter the size you are knitting – you adjust for bigger or smaller hands by using larger or smaller needles.  The pattern is kind of fiddly – what you are looking at here is the easy bit.  It’s not difficult, but you definitely need to pay attention.


Look at how giant and how tiny they look next to each other!

Anyway, I’m enjoying the contrast in technique and speed.  What do you do to change up your crafting time?


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