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And Now I’m Back Where I Started

OMG, I hate ripping back.  Haaaaaaate it!  And yet…


I’m a product knitter, big time.  Even when I’m process knitting, like with these gloves, I’m product knitting.  For anyone not familiar with the terms – allow me to explain.  Product knitters are all about the finished result.  The goal is the sweater or the socks, or the whatever the item is.  Process knitters are all about the journey.  They will happily rip out and redo and try different tactics, and really, the finished product is not so much the point.  (I’m generalizing here – realize that product/process is a spectrum, not a one or the other thing.)  So even when I make little (or big!) mistakes in my knitting, if it’s not easily fixable I just ignore it and continue on.  If it’s really grievous I might go back, but maybe not.  However, by the time I made the grudging decision to rip these back, I had three oopses.  I should have purled 2 rows at the start to keep the cuffs from rolling, I went too long on the cuff section, and then I made mistakes in counting on a colorwork section with the date on it.  That was too much even for me, so back it all went.

So, next up – fresh start with a little more attention to detail this time!


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