Socks and Violence #1

Although I’ve been knitting for quite a while, I’ve never made socks.  There were a lot of reasons for this, mostly because I find sweater knitting much more interesting, and also because you can buy sock so much more cheaply than you can knit them.  However, a mix of curiosity and shame at not even trying such a simple-seeming project pushed me to take a shot at the genre.

So, being the way I am, I took a Craftsy class and read two books on the subject before I even bought yarn. (More about the class and books in future posts.) Thus fortified with information, I felt ready to proceed.  Also being the way I am, I decided that this was going to be just the first step in an unnecessarily complicated sock-knitting experiment. I didn’t use a pattern, just a method. So this then, was:

Sock Experiment #1

Toe: Figure 8

Heel: Afterthought

Direction of Knitting: Toe-up

Method: 2 circular needles (I tried magic loop and really did not like it at all)

Bind-Off: Jenny’s Extra-stretchy Bind Off

The results are pretty reasonable for a first attempt:

They are a bit big – I should have knitted them a little smaller, and created the space for the heel a little sooner than a I did.  They are also a little wonky.  I changed from magic loop to 2 circs a little way into the process, and also attempted to decrease some stitches about halfway down my foot, which didn’t help as much as i thought it would.  As a result, they are probably going to be house socks, but I needed some of those anyway. Why didn’t I frog them, when I could see they weren’t going to be exactly right?  Because I rather have something done and close enough than spend a year getting something perfect.  The next pair will be better, and because of my policy of forging ahead unless there are really grievous mutations, there will be another pair.  So stay tuned!

(Pay no attention to the horrible bedspread behind the socks!  I finished these while i was traveling, and that is from the hotel I was at when I bound off.)

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