Went Viking, Now I’m Back

I’m kind of new to the MKAL* game – so new that I don’t really play right.  I lurk on the Ravelry forums until enough of the pattern is revealed so that I know if I want to make whatever the item is, then I decide.  I realize this is kind of against the point of the thing, but I have so many projects lined up and supplies bought that this type of mystery is not really needed in my life.

That said, I just finished the Heavens,Earth, Sea -Vikings Shawl, which was being run on the Jimmy Beans Wool Ravelry group.  The first wave finished, and I was with the reinforcement shield maidens who finished in a second group.  So here’s my shawl, all blocked out and almost ready for its debut…

The shawl utilized lace knitting and short rows, so it was a little bit challenging, but not too much.  Ahhh!  Just right!

*Mystery Knit A Long

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