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Book Review – Knits from the Heart of Norway

I just read a newish book on Norwegian knitting, Knits from the Heart of Norway by Irene Haugland.  It is a very interesting book with a lot of color-work patterns and projects.  It is also a very beautiful book, with lovely photography of the Telemark region of Norway, where the author lives.


The patterns are arranged in sections, with each section based around a color-work pattern. The section on one basic pattern might include a couple of different color-ways for that pattern. The related projects in that section might include something like a women’s cardigan, a men’s pullover, a pair of socks, a child’s jacket and a hat – all incorporating variations on the same pattern. Experienced knitters should find it easy to mix and match their way to custom knitwear exactly the way they want it.

On that topic, this book is probably best suited for experienced knitters.  It doesn’t include sections on how to do color-work or how to finish garments or cast on or any of that.  This book assumes that you know all that.  In all fairness, with the prevalence of beginner books, YouTube videos, and the rich variety of other resources to teach you the basics, that’s probably a reasonable assumption.  So just bear that in mind when considering this book.

Also a word on the photography.  Thankfully, this book has lovely, clear photos of the projects.  None of the arty nonsense that knitting books are sometimes plagued with, where you can’t tell at all what the darn project looks like, because the model is half a mile from the photographer and hidden behind a bush.  The photos are lovely and give you a great idea what the projects are going to look like.

All in all, if you are a reasonably experienced knitter, or have the resources and confidence to get yourself up to speed, and have an interest in Norwegian knitting patterns, this is a great book.  I already have a couple of projects bookmarked and added to the queue!

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