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Obligatory origin story

So.  About me.  I’m a life-long crafty person – mostly knitting, but I also embroider, make jewelry, and do leather work, scrapbooking, beading, calligraphy and I don’t know what-all else.  You probably won’t hear about those other things too much, but maybe a bit.

I plan to use this blog to talk about knitting, knitting and more knitting.  Projects I’m working on at the moment, knitting books I’m reading, tools and needles I’m using, yarn I use, and whatever else occurs to me. Also, I travel quite a bit for work, so I will probably report on yarn stores at the various places I visit (or lack thereof, as a warning to other knitters), as well as the yarn stores here in Anchorage, AK.  There will also probably be a diatribe or rant now and again.  We’ll see what riles me up next.

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