Thursday ThWIPs

At last some progress to report!

Ocean Sunset is moving along nicely. I’m about halfway through the striped horizontal section, and then have a lace band below that. The colors are not ones I would normally knit with, but I am really enjoying how they are turning out!

Aaaaalmost done with clue 4 of Who Ya Gonna Shawl! Then two more clues to do. This is not a small project, but its certainly an interesting one. I’m enjoying the different stitch patterns and how the colors are coming together. Pretty fun so far!

I have done a few rows here and there on my Powdermill, but not enough to make a different for a picture. Hopefully next week I can spend a little more time on it.

In other news, we are getting things done around the move. We applied for our driver’s licenses earlier this week, so that was a big chore done. Also, pretty sure we have now notified everyone that needs to know about the move, so our address should be up to date with everyone. Whew! It is complicated making a big move. But it is really going well so far πŸ™‚

So how about you? What are you working on these days, and how is it going?

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