Wednesday WIPs

I have managed to get some knitting time in this week, in between settling in to the new place and starting to do a little exploring!

I finished the initial piece of my Ocean Sunset, and am starting the second piece, which picks up along one edge of the first piece and continues in a different direction. There’s not much done on this section so far, but I’m glad to have made a start in any case. This is where I get to use the lovely yellow-orange-pink gradient down to the lace edge. I did make another version of this shawl earlier in much different colors – photos here.

I’m almost done with Clue 3 (of 6) of the Who Ya Gonna Shawl MKAL. Clues 4 and 5 have been release – I just fell behind. I still don’t know what the final project will look like, but I’m excited for Friday’s reveal. I will finally know what all these pieces will add up to!

Closer up detail on parts of clue 2 and clue 3. I really like all the different textures as well as this ectoplasm color with the graydient!

I haven’t done anything at all on my Powdermill sweater, but think I will work on that as I can over the weekend. We shall see.

Hope all your WIPS are going wonderfully!

14 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

    1. I don’t have any idea either! Other knitters have gotten through clues 4 and 5, and looking at theirs I still don’t know. Tomorrow the last clue drops, so we will get spoiler pictures of the finished objects. Can’t wait!


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