Sock It To Me Monday

Boy, it’s been a long time since I had one of these to report! However, we are going on a brief trip this weekend and early next week, and I need something travel friendly to work on. Hence, socks!

Finally getting started on this pair for DH! No pattern for these, just my usual generic method. The yarn is Lang Yarns HoroscopeOne Twin Silk in the Gemini colorway. I’m close to done with this toe, so once this is on the circulars, I’ll get the other one done, and will be ready to roll!

Got any sock projects to report on this lovely Sock It To Me Monday?

26 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

    1. Thank you! I just do the toes up to where I stop decreasing on dpns, after that I use 2 circulars. I keep meaning to try doing them one at a time, but I’m a little afraid to – pretty sure that will result in a bunch of single socks with no partners!


      1. There really are! I remember liking DPNs a lot when I was starting out knitting socks, but then when I upgraded my needles I went with circs only, and so I just have inexpensive DPNs now that I don’t like working with. (So I splurged and bought myself a fancy pair. My next socks will be knit on those, probably.)

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