Wednesday WIPs

It’s been a while again since I posted last – I keep meaning to post much more regularly but life is getting away from me right now. Oh well, I’ll just keep trying! In the meantime, I now have TWO WIPs on my needles! Almost back up to normal count but not quite there yet.

I am still working on the 2nd half of my Just Beachy shawl (Ravelry link)

And I got started on my Powdermill cardigan (Ravelry link). Alissa and I are doing a KALfor this one – always fun to knit along with a friend!

What are you working on right now and how is it going?

21 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. I thought I was knitting up a quick sample for my pooling class next month, but then I started fiddling with ideas (oh, ideas, calm down!) and I’ve re-started twice. And may re-start at least once more? It’s all good; it’s fun to play with the colors for a bit!

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  2. I need to start clue 3 of MKAL that I was supposed to finish in October, but until then I’m just knitting some socks. Your shawl looks like it would be an interesting knit. Your Powdermill is going to be so pretty.

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