What’s Next

Later this week I will do a WIP update, but I’d rather think about what’s next! My next two projects will be a second version of Ocean Moon (Ravelry link), which I did do last spring. But this year it’s in a radically different color scheme

So it’ll really be more of an Ocean Sunrise or Sunset than a moon. These colors are way outside my wheelhouse, but I just could not resist them! And then on the opposite side of the spectrum – more socks for Dave, using this yarn

which he picked out. I don’t think he knew about the ombre effect when he picked it. But it’s still gray so it should be fine 🙂

And then beyond that – so many things! What I have planned for 2023 is:
(All links are to Ravelry)
4 sweaters – Powdermill (already in progress), a gansey (pattern to be determined), Whitecaps, and another version of the Fall Favorites sweater – this time with the cat pattern.
3 pairs of socks – 2 pairs of regular socks for DH, and 1 for me
5 shawlsFlickering Light, Sea Swell, Find Your Fade, and Coral Coast
– All my small cryptid knit kits from last year’s Fangirl Fibers Halloween club

Liz from Highland Heffalump suggested that I do a word of the year, and that I choose Focus. That is a good idea, and I think my knitting plan for the year will definitely help with that.

Are you planning your projects ahead this year, or going with the flow?

20 thoughts on “What’s Next

  1. Powdermill is a beautiful pattern, you’ve got a great selection of patterns picked out. I like the idea of you switching moon to sunset colours…those colours aren’t in my wheelhouse either but I’m interested to see how it works out. Will you change the crescents so they look like the sun on the horizon?

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  2. These sound like some great plans! My only definite crafty plans for this year are to finish my Geek-A-Long blanket and start a felt appliqué kit. I might also knit some plush toys for fun, but that’s only a possibility. I really loved the Fall Favorites sweaters I saw last year, so I might have to make one of those at some point, too. We’ll see…

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