Wednesday WIPs – More of the Same Things

Still working on all three projects from last week, but I’m glad to say there is progress on them all!

The fronts and back of my cardigan are done, they are sewn together at the shoulders, and the collar is done as well. These are the sleeves, and they are moving along pretty well! These are going to be 3/4 sleeves, so only a few more inches to go until I start binding off for the sleeve caps. Love how this one is working out!

My Mom’s first Flombre mitten is progressing. I’ve started on the hand/pattern part, and also started the thumb gusset. It’s a repetitive pattern, so it’s moving along pretty quickly.

And finally, my Just Beachy shawl! I’m almost done with this first half. The stitches on the left side of the v are on a holder, waiting to be connected to the second half. I have a few more short pattern bands to do on the right, and then on to the second half!

It feels great to be making progress on these projects that have been laying around. Hope I can keep the momentum going through the end of the month!

Are you getting any crafting in right now, or are the holidays/work/family/etc. keeping you too busy?

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