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Sorry I’ve been a little quiet – we’ve been battling snowmageddon up here! We got 20 inches of snow middle of last week and couldn’t get out of the house Wednesday. Plowing was pretty slow to happen, so schools got cancelled and all kinds of things shut down. Things were almost back to normal by Saturday, just in time for us to get hit with another whopper – 14 inches this time. We stayed home today as well. Fortunately I can work from home, so not a lot of disruption in my week, and also I got to spend the day in sweatpants. Which is basically my goal in life.

Here are some pictures from our last couple of days:

Also in there we got our Christmas lights up and I did some knitting, but more about that later this week. Have you gotten any snow or other severe weather where you are?

23 thoughts on “Snowmageddon

  1. NOOOOO. Here it is, December, and no snow! We used to get blizzards in October! We got rain and drizzle instead. I’m in Nebraska. So we’re used to below 0 temps and 4-6″ of snow at a time (not 20!), but now in December? 2 weeks before Christmas and nothing? Wahhhhhh

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  2. Oh, brrr! That looks cold. We don’t get snow where I live, though I can sometimes see it in the hills nearby. This weekend, for example, we got a lot of rain where I live, which left a dusting of snow on the tops of the hills around us. Very pretty! And the perfect distance away for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      1. Yes! It was warm and lovely, although the air was pretty voggy the first couple days. As it cleared (yay?) that meant that volcanic activity was decreasing (boo?). But I spent my time on the lanai researching where to go in the National Park, and when, and booking an AirBnB. We spent one evening in Kailua Kona to see if we could see Mauna Loaโ€™s glow from there (it was visible earlier in the week). Nope. So close!


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      2. It was disappointing, but then it got to be funny. โ€œOf course itโ€™s going to stop as we arrive.โ€ โ€œOf course weโ€™re going to scope out the overlook before dark.โ€ โ€œOf course weโ€™re going to go back in the dark just in case, and take a picture of the blackness.โ€ Of course weโ€™re still going to get up before dawn to see the sunrise.โ€ โ€œOf course itโ€™s going to rain for the one hour weโ€™ll be out at sunrise!โ€ It was still a very nice vacation, and it was WARM!


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