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Snow Scenes

Sorry for the long radio silence – work has been extra busy lately and it has basically used up all my energy. I do have some knitting stuff to share, but am leaving that until tomorrow. For today – here are some festive seasonal picture from my house to yours πŸ™‚

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm with all the storms sweeping the US! Did you get any snow where you are? Let me know what your weather is like!

16 thoughts on “Snow Scenes

  1. Yes to snow – about two inches. The biggest news is extreme cold and wind chill. It feels like Alaska here. But warmer weather is expected by Monday. I also hope to get back to knitting this week-end but will have nothing to share for a while.

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  2. We got the cold, but not significant snow. They promised us 4-6″ and we got 1″ and because it happened around midnight, I didn’t get to see it (which is my favorite part of a blizzard and this didn’t qualify.) But it’s been -15 here and highs of 4 or 5 above.

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