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Basic Bullet Journaling: Habit Tracking

One of the things you can do with bullet journaling is work on building habits. This can be a short term or long term effort, but it’s a pretty straightforward process. Decide what you want to change or improve, and from there come up with specific actions. Like for me, one goal is to work on taking better care of my teeth. They’re in good shape now, but in danger of not being so if I didn’t start doing some dental care things. But just tracking “Take care of teeth” is kind of vague. So I am tracking “floss” and “Use water pik” as the specific things I need to do. I’m already brushing as recommended, so that’s not the issue.

I showed in an earlier post how I set up my habit tracker each month. The habits that I’m tracking have changed a little over the past few months. Early on I was tracking journaling as I was trying to build that habit. By March I was doing well enough on it that I dropped it from my tracking.

So what you’re tracking will likely come and go. I had some month, especially early on, when I did not do well at tracking at all. However, it has gotten better over time.

Are there days when I do some tasks specifically so I can color in a little square? Yes. Yes there are.

Some things are definitely still a struggle. Counting calories and getting to sleep at a decent hour are still eluding me. But I’m going to keep trying! Eventually I will get there. There are a few of the habits I’ve been building that I could probably stop tracking at this point. But right now I kind of like looking at all the colored-in squares and the feeling that I can build good habits if I put my mind to it πŸ™‚

Of course, this is not the only way to track habits for bullet journaling! Some people like to do them weekly. For myself, I tried weekly spreads for a while and found that I wasn’t using them at all. Some people like to do separate trackers for each habit they are trying to build. There are all kind of nifty templates and stamps and stickers out there to help you. And those can be really helpful ways to keep an eye on your new habits. It’s just a matter of picking out what works best for you and sticking with it!

Have you done any habit tracking or other forms of habit building? What works best for you?

10 thoughts on “Basic Bullet Journaling: Habit Tracking

  1. I’m all about coloring in the square. It’s like getting a gold star. Right now I’m using an old dotted paper notebook to practice bullet journaling before my official notebook arrives, so I can figure out what works for me.

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