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Spooky Mail Time!

Over the weekend I got my autumn mystery box from the awesome Alissa at Chestnut Hills Studio!

Along with the yarn and stitch markers (bigger pics a little later) the box also contained an interesting writeup on Halloween and harvest history and lore, two packs of pumpkin spice instant coffee (my Mom absconded with one immediately) and a really cute Halloween sticker. There was also a great pumpkin spice flavored lip balm, made by Alissa. It has a nice subtle flavor/scent, and feels really soothing on my lips. For the environmentally conscious, it’s also in a cardboard tube, so no plastic waste! Mine went in my purse right away.

The stitch markers are sparkly resin coffins made by Gloomy Erina that come on a nifty wire moon necklace. They are lightweight and non-snag, and just super cute!

The yarn is non-superwash merino wool, and is dyed for the box by Laughing Cat Fibers. The colorway on the left is called Pickety Witch, and the one on the right is called Pumpkins for Sale. They are both gorgeous and soft, and I can’t wait to knit them up!
I’m really happy with this box! Chestnut Hills next box is A Very Winey Christmas, and I’m looking forward to that and whatever comes next ๐Ÿ™‚

Alissa does have two skeins of yarn similar to Pumpkins for Sale and some lip balm in her Etsy shop – so check them out there!

Have you gotten any great mystery boxes lately, either crafty or otherwise?

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