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Basic Bullet Journaling: Monthly Setup

In addition to the day-to-day notetaking and the project pages, bullet journaling also provides a framework for you to organize your stuff on a larger scale. Since we just moved to a new month, I thought I’d share what I do to start my planning for the month.

I set up 2 things each month – a habit tracker, and a calendar. You can absolutely buy stamps and stickers for both of these things and not bother with drawing them out. But I get a certain amount of satisfaction out of using these nifty grid dots I seem to need in all of my journals. I just use a ruler to try to get it all even-ish.

Just for spacing considerations, the habit tracker and calendar are sideways to how I normally hold my notebook. There are a lot of ways to set these up – this is just what works for me. Anyway. Start with a row for each habit you’d like to track. Then create a column for each day of the month. This gives you squares to check or color in or whatever when you have taken that action for that day.

Next draw in your calendar. For dot grid journals, once you have decided how many squares high and wide you want your calendar and sections, it’s a good idea to write that down someplace so you don’t have to keep figuring it out.

Fill in the details on your calendar. In addition to the days of the week and the day numbers, this is also a great time to fill in any appointments, birthdays, events, or whatever you will want to be aware of this month.

And finally, you may want to add just a light sprinkling of fanciness. The stickers are from a big book of plant-related stickers from Michael’s and the “September” is from a scrapbooking stencil set I have leftover from a previous crafting era.

Or you may want to add a ton of fanciness – no judgement!

I’ll talk about day-to-day and annual stuff later, as well as a bit more about habit trackers. But tomorrow – back to knitting!

9 thoughts on “Basic Bullet Journaling: Monthly Setup

  1. This all looks so familiar! 🙂 Your set-up is very similar to what I used to use for mine. (Though I perhaps went overboard with the habit tracking.) In general I liked writing everything out using the dot grid, too, but I did have a custom stamp made to track the hours of the day. I like visually tracking when I do what (IE: when am I sleeping, when am at work, when I am knitting) and I didn’t feel like drawing that out daily so getting a stamp made was worth it.

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    1. Very cool idea! For something like that where you are using it every day and it’s kind of elaborate to draw out each day, a stamp is a great idea! I really have to fight myself to not get too crazy with the habit tracking. There’s so much I’d like to improve about myself 🙂


      1. (I went crazy with the habit tracking.) (But in my defense, some of it was to notice trends in my health, too. Like, did I regularly get headaches after I’d been drinking the day before? Or did alcohol/exercise/water quantity impact my sleep or mood?)

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