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Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival

This license plate pretty much sums up my long weekend with friends in Wisconsin 🙂 I met up with a bunch of amazing ladies for visits to the sheep and wool festival, a trip to a yarn shop, and assorted other adventures.

The festival was amazing – a much bigger event than I have been to before. Two whole barns full of vendors, all selling yarn, fiber, fiber arts tools or accessories, and assorted other related items.

We stayed together at a craft retreat/Air B&B called Gather in the Madison area. It was a great location with lots of space and all set up for crafting. In addition to going the the festival, we also visited The Sow’s Ear yarn shop, of earlier post fame. Some of us went to a bookstore, and a few of us went to the Mustard Museum, also of earlier post fame.

Between the festival and the Sow’s Ear, and a few gifts from lovely and talented friends, I did bring home some stash enhancements!

The project bag is from Alissa of Chestnut Hills (and the Headknits blog), the yarn was dyed by Alissa and was a gift from Jess G, and the cup and yarn cozies (along with a very cool pillow cover) are from Sarah of Mildly Granola.

And of course, along with the wool we got to see quite a few sheep! Some of them were social and were OK with petting, others were not interested. Which I get – there were a lot of people around. We saw sheep being sheared, and also a short part of a sheep showing.

But the best part of all was getting to spend time with wonderful friends, who I love even more having spent time with them!

16 thoughts on “Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival

  1. I had a zoom in and had missed you buying those hexagonal needles, I’ll be interested to hear more on those. Also did you mention the plan for all the minis, you got some really pretty sets. I was so tempted by one in the Sow’s Ear but wasn’t sure what I’d do with it. It was such a pleasure to have spent those few days with you and the others. I feel really lucky we both could make it the same year.

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    1. I am so thrilled we were all able to get there too! It was so wonderful meeting you and the other ladies in person 🙂 I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the mini sets yet. Something will present itself 🙂


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