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Wisconsin Trip, Other than Yarn

In our visit to Wisconsin a little while ago, we got to visit some attractions and see some sights! This one is going to be photo heavy.

Since we started in the Madison area, first up was the fabulous Cave of the Mounds. If you caves, this is definitely one to see! It has a lot of lovely formations, a few pools, and helpful guides stationed around the cave. Tours are self-guided, which is great for us.

Not only was the cave great, the grounds are also nicely done up with gardens and interesting mineral displays.

Next was the National Mustard Museum! Although this site is mostly goofy, with historical mustard “facts” and mustard history movies shown in the Mustardpiece Theater, if you like mustard this is the place to go! They have a display of mustards from every state in America and all around the world. And then of course – there is a massive mustard shop upstairs. With a mustard tasting bar!

And then finally we went to the Madison city Center to walk around and check out downtown.

There was much more to downtown Madison than the capitol building and this cow statue, but I got excited and forgot to take pictures.

From there we drove to Port Washington, a cute little town on Lake Michigan. There wasn’t a lot to do there, which was fine because we were there to see the lake and for a little downtime. We walked around the downtown area, walked along the lakeside, and walked out on a jetty to an enormous lighthouse that seems to be the town symbol. That lighthouse is everywhere!

From there we went to Appleton to visit my brother and SIL. I didn’t get any pictures there either, because we didn’t really go sightseeing as such.

Wisconsin is a lovely place with a lot of fun and interesting things to see and do. We didn’t get to do a lot of the things we planned on, but hope to be heading back there one of these days!

Cave selfie!

19 thoughts on “Wisconsin Trip, Other than Yarn

  1. My nephew married a woman from Green Bay many years ago and I went. I didn’t visit Madison but we did tour the countryside and Wisconsin is lovely. It’s not a place that was on my list but we had a great time!

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  2. Great photos. The cave looks like a place I would like to go. Appleton is a great little town. We enjoyed going through the Dells when we went as well as the packers stadium tour. My mom and I took a tour of a submarine in Manicot too. So much to do there.

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  3. That looks like a really cool trip! Caves are fascinating places, and I have enjoyed a few trips to local caves while on vacation. However, some of them are too claustrophobic for me. It looks like the one you went to would have been roomy enough, though.

    Mustard tasting is fun! A local winery near me (which didn’t survive COVID, sadly) did mustard tastings at one point. It was a really odd combination, but their winery also had a flight of mustards to taste (and buy). It was really fun to see how different the flavors could get for the mustards.

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    1. We only go to commercial caves – we aren’t in the kind of shape anymore to go into wild caves 🙂 But we do love them!
      That sounds like a really neat winery! It is definitely interesting how much variety there is in mustards.


      1. Even some of the commercial caves have some tighter spots—not nearly as tight as the wild caves where you have to crawl to get through places. But I’ve noticed as I get older that I dislike being in claustrophobic areas more than when I was young… it didn’t bother me then, but it’s starting to now. Which is a shame, because I love looking at the different cave features.

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