Another Day, Another KAL

This time, it’s Ambah O’Brien’s Solstice Wrap Knit-A-Long! This pattern can be knit in either fingering weight or DK, and is meant to use up an Advent set or just a bunch of scraps or minis.

I am using mini-skeins for mine. Specifically, two sets of Yarn Cafe Creations mini sets; 1 set from the Wool Baron, a long-ago Etsy seller; some of the skeins from my Fangirl Fibers Marshmallow World set from last Christmas; and a few strays.

These colors are not entirely in character for me, though I think they are very pretty and just perfect for summer!

Are you knitting along with any KALs right now? Do tell!

18 thoughts on “Another Day, Another KAL

  1. Oh, these are stunning colors! I love them. They’re not in my usual color family either, but I’m trying to branch out and pick a wider variety of color.

    I’m not doing any KALs right now; I’m trying to focus on weaving experiments instead, at least for now. I might do another KAL this fall or winter, though.

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    1. Thank you! I am trying that too. I’m kind of in a rut of black, gray, blue, a different gray, etc. Need to shake it up a little!
      I am interested to see your next steps in weaving – your houndstooth scarf is beautiful!


      1. I’ve been in a green/blue rut lately. I’m trying to use a bigger variety of colors, but it’s hard when my stash is dominated by so many pretty cool colors. There just aren’t a lot of warm colors in stash to choose from.

        My next weaving project (which I’ll probably start this weekend) is going to be a gradient scarf! I’m sticking to plain weave for now, but this one plays with color differently and uses an ombre yarn to create a gradient scarf based on how you weave it. I’m really excited to see how it works!

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      2. That sounds so cool! Please share pictures – I can’t wait to see it!
        I know what you mean. I like cool colors best and feel like I look best in them. So I’m never sure what to do with warm colors.


      3. Will do! I realized I don’t have the right size heddle for it, though, so I won’t be starting that scarf this weekend after all. It’ll be happening soon, though, and I’ll definitely make a WIP post out of it when I do!

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