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The Yarn Shops of Madison Wisconsin

DH and I spent the last two weeks in Wisconsin, traveling around the state and seeing the sights. While we were there, I got to visit a few yarn shops. Because of course I did!

In Madison, my first yarn shop was the Sow’s Ear. Technically this store is in Verona, which is a close suburb to Madison.

This is one of those buildings that looks kind of small from the outside, but when you get inside – yarn tardis. They have a great selection of yarn, including from local dyers. They even have a shop custom yarn color from Stitch Together Studios – that is the purple skeins in the lower right of the pictures below. They have lots of books and magazine, racks of needles and tools, and anything you could need.

Their staff was really friendly and helpful, and the shop has an overall pleasant feel.

Another great thing about this store is the coffee shop/cafe that is part of the shop. They have lots of coffee drinks and food, comfy tables to sit at to snack and go through your purchases!

If you are in the Madison/Verona area, stop in – you will be glad you did!

The other shop I visited was Knit Circus.

Knit Circus is a very spacious, clean shop. When we visited it was pretty empty, but it was a weekday, so possibly it’s usually much busier. They sell mostly their own yarn, so if you’ve ever wanted to see their colorways in person, this is a great place to do that! The shop had some samples done in their yarns as well as the yarn itself. A lot of their yarn is dye-to-order though, so if you don’t see what you want there, they will dye it for you and send it to you.

The staff member here was also helpful and friendly – it’s a nice place to shop! They do still have mask restrictions in place, so have one handy if you do visit.

We also visited Appleton, and I got back to Casting On of earlier post fame. Just like last time, I didn’t get any pictures there, but did have a great visit 🙂

And finally, here are my finds!

We also did some things other than yarn shopping – more about that later this week!

19 thoughts on “The Yarn Shops of Madison Wisconsin

  1. Visiting yarn shops while on a trip is such a joy. You found some great ones. My brother and his family lived in Appleton for years. Too bad I wasn’t into fiber arts when I would visit them.

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  2. Yarn Tardis! I love it!

    Also, all of those pictures of yarn are lovely. Knitted Wit is a new favorite of mine, they’ve got such great colors. But that purple shop custom color yarn is my favorite of the ones you’ve pictured!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s an interesting question! I can see it going either way. You can get to more product in more open shops, especially if it’s busy. But the cozy nook-and-cranny shops are definitely more appealing to wander around in.


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