Wednesday WIPs

This week I’ve got two projects I can show and one I can’t yet. First, 106-11, of earlier post fame

The back of my cardigan is done and I have a start on the fronts. It’s moving along reasonably well!

The other project is a pair of mittens I have started as a Christmas gift for someone I know for a fact does not read my blog:

My SIL (brother’s wife) LOVES Elvis, so I think she will like these mittens 🙂 And when I’m done with these, my brother gets KISS mittens. So those should be fun too 🙂

What are you working on these days, crafty or otherwise? Do tell!!

10 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. Oh, those mittens ! I have some of that designer in my faves as well, but am very intimidated by the colourwork of it ( newbe here ). So I am very curious what you think about the knitting process of these.

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