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Knitter’s Bookshelf: Title Wave

This time I’m not reviewing a book, but instead my awesome local used book store –

Title Wave is a much-loved institution in Anchorage, and the state’s biggest and busiest bookstore. We do have a Barnes & Noble, but they don’t actually have as much stock as Title Wave. TW advertises that they have half a million books in stock, and I believe them.

If it looks like the store goes on forever, that’s because it kind of does. And being a used bookstore, there’s no telling what you will find. Some newer books, books that have been out of print for years, books from other countries that were never available in the US – it could be anything!

An that takes me to the knitting section!! Four big, glorious shelves full of possibility. A good half of my current knitting books are from Title Wave. I have found some wonderful books here, including many of those out of print gems and two of the best lace books I’ve ever seen from an Australian author.

They also have a lot of fiction, Alaska-specific books, kid’s books, and every topic of non-fiction. It’s the sort of place you can get lost.

If you ever get to Anchorage – definitely make a stop here. You’ll be glad you did!

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