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Agriculture Report

Most of our flowers are continuing to bloom and do well, though I still see the effects of waiting too long to plant this spring.

We also had a few unplanned visitors to the yard, thanks to all the rain we’ve been getting lately

I’m afraid the beautiful orange flowering-plant is done for the year.

However, one plant I though was done blooming is showing signs of brightening back up!

And while Punky is not so sure about this “outside” nonsense, she is venturing out onto our balcony every once in a while (only when supervised).

If you are gardening this year, how’s it going? Still blooming away, or starting to wind down?

10 thoughts on “Agriculture Report

  1. I love when you call this the agricultural report. Expecting to hear how the wheat and barley are doing! Our plants are still doing well even though we had the horrendous heat. I watered twice a day (sometimes three times) and they survived.

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