Vertices Unite Progress

So just like that, I finished section 3, then section 4, and am onto section 5!

For anyone currently knitting a Vertices Unite or thinking about it, Sections 1 (dark and medium blue stripes on the left) and 3 (orange) are huge and a little disheartening. Section 2 (not visible in this photo) is a little smaller, and section 4 (light blue section lower right) is the quickest of all so far. Section 5 (little section of medium blue stripes) looks like it will be sort of middling size, and I don’t know about 6 yet. I do know the last thing is an i-cord bind off around the whole thing, which I suspect will also take forever. So while I’m nowhere near done yet, it’s moving along!

What are you working on right now and how is it going?

17 thoughts on “Vertices Unite Progress

      1. My shawl is “Mehujaa”. I have made it before and love how big yet light weight it is. It is perfect for cool spring and fall evenings. Or in extremely cold A/C buildings.

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  1. It’s looking great and seems you are definitely closer to finishing than where you started and that’s always a great feeling. I’m working on my Ship Shape. My gauge is off but I’ve discovered the size up is only 2 stitches difference for where I am now, so I’m going to be able to switch to the larger size without frogging which is great. Also I’m doing my Nightshift shawl. It will be nice to have that finished before it warms up.

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