Mystery Test Knit Revealed!

Back in March I volunteered to do a test knit for Michele Bernstein, aka pdxknitterati. I mentioned it a couple of times here, but she had asked us not to share pictures until the pattern was released. Well, that happened earlier this week, so here is my Cossette!

For different views of the project, see the Ravelry page here. It was a fun knit! It starts off as a cowl, then eventually extends into a sort of shawlette point on one side. I’m wearing it to the front here, but of course it you could wear it pretty much any way you wanted.

There are two different lace patterns in this project, both pretty straightforward, and the “quilting” pattern you see on the pink parts in the shawlette area. It’s a pretty detailed pattern and did not take a lot of time to make. You do have a few options – there is a smaller and a larger version, and the option of 1×1 ribbing or brioche for the edging. I did the bigger version and brioche for the edging.

The yarn I used was from my Gnarledpaw stash – skeins left from a dyer who has closed her shop. I used about 1/2 of the purple skein and about 2/3rds of the pink and gold skein, so if you are thinking about making this, it doesn’t take two whole skeins.

The test knitting process was pretty straightforward – we got the pattern and parameters for when we should have it done. Other than that, it was just reporting back any typos or difficulties. It was an interesting process, and I’m glad to have tried it out!

Have you ever done a test knit? What was your experience like?

19 thoughts on “Mystery Test Knit Revealed!

      1. I haven’t knit much brioche, so it still takes me a long time to get in the rhythm for it, but I do really like the way it looks. And quilting has been a favorite of mine for ages. Especially with variegated yarns (to break up pooling), though it looks great with solid colors too.


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