Vertices Unite Progress!

Section 1 (of 6) is done! So far it is an easy knit – maybe too easy. It is just garter stripe with 2 colors and some pretty straightforward shaping. The real challenge is that there is a lot of it. It’s not a small shawl. That will be great when it’s done, as it should be a nice big shawl to wrap up in. But while you’re knitting it, it’s a lot.

The next step is to pick up stitches along one side and start knitting section 2. That is probably going to wait a little bit, as I’d like to focus on my Damele top for the time being.

What are you working on these days, and how is it going?

15 thoughts on “Vertices Unite Progress!

  1. This is so pretty! I know what you mean about “too easy” though—garter stitch (even with stripes) is definitely mindless knitting. If I don’t have enough TV to watch or audiobooks to listen to, garter stitch often seems to take longer than lace patterns.

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  2. It looks great! I’m working on my vertices because it’s all I feel like knitting. At the beginning of the year when we were all sick I couldn’t focus enough to knit on it. Then I got better and realized how sick I must have been. I’m not sure why I’m making this comment all about me. That’s just how I am I guess.

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