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Knitter’s Bookshelf: Knits, Mitts, and Socks from Around Norway

I’m reviewing these three books together because they’re on basically the same topic and by the same author. Also, because “From Around Norway” is part of all three titles and takes a while to type, I’m abbreviating it to FAN.

All three of these books have patterns inspired by historical examples from collections in museums or private hands that demonstrate various aspects of folk art and craft from Norway. One of the great things about the books is that there are pictures of the item that inspired the new pattern, along with a discussion of it. All three books have good, clear instructions and diagrams, and the patterns look pretty well detailed.

Socks FAN has all kinds of sock patterns, from ornate to somewhat plain. Some have unique construction or stylistic details that are specific to an area. In many cases, the given pattern is a simplified version of the original – and often I wished that the author has just recreated the original. But that’s a small quibble.

Mitten FAN is similar – all mittens all the time.

Knits FAN is much more general, and does have some mitten and sock patterns, though not a lot. This book also has sweaters, cowls, hats, etc. If you wanted just one of these books, this would probably be the one to go with, unless you are big into either mittens or socks.

I like all three of these books. They have exactly what I am looking for in books about ethnic knitting. Nice patterns and some connection between the patterns and the folk arts and crafts of the region. The books themselves are nicely produced as well, with clear photos that actually show you the projects and the items the projects are based on. If you are interested in this type of knitting projects, I can highly recommend these books!

Have you read any good craft or hobby books lately? Do tell!

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