A Little Bit of a Lot

For some reason, this has been my week to stop procrastinating and start getting things done. It’s been a strangely good feeling to get moving! So today, it was time to get back into my National Park Centennial Celebrations afghan. (Ravelry link)

First I wanted to take stock of what I had already done. As it turned out, not a lot.

4 squares out of 60. And actually, the white and blue one needs a hiker duplicate stitched on it. Plus they all need to be blocked and crocheted around So call it 3.5 out of 60. OK – only 54.5 left to do! That translates into this many pages of pattern

And this much yarn

It’s fine. It’s totally fine.

21 thoughts on “A Little Bit of a Lot

      1. Yes! It was designed by a group that put it together – I think many of them designed one or more squares. Even cooler – they are donating the proceeds to the National Parks!


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