Wednesday WIPs

I have two new WIPs to report this week! I started the first between Christmas and New Years, and the other on New Year’s Day. Both projects are taken from stash, so I’m feeling pretty good about that. I really need to work on knitting that down.

First up is Damele, which I am making out of some Berroco Mixer. I bought the yarn quite a while ago, intending to make this top, so I’m glad to be going on it. So far it is knitting up pretty well. It is a thick/thin yarn, which also alternates between shiny and matte sections. I like the look of it so far, and it is working up quickly!

My other current project is Steven West’s Vertices Unite (Ravelry link). This is part of a KAL with some blog buddies – you can see a picture of our shawl starts on Sarah’s blog here. I had a slight change in my yarn choices – when I first started this section was two dark blues, but I substituted a blue/green/white variegated yarn that I think works much better. So now the yarn lineup is this:

The yarns are as follows:
– The light blue/white/green sparkle in the upper left is from Despondent Dyes, colorway is Even My Attorney Says to “Let It Go”
– The dark blue/green/white in the upper right is Winter Nights from Ms. Monster
– The orange in the middle is Carved Pumpkin from gnarledpaw
– The light variegated blue in the lower left is Maryland Blue Crab from gnarledpaw
– The dark variegated sparkle blue in the lower right is Leaky Bic Pen from gnarledpaw

Are you working on any new projects for the new year? If so, how are they going?

18 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. I love the colours so far on your vertices. I’m on the foot of my husband’s socks and haven’t really done any jumper knitting. I’m really struggling with the bottom up construction. I just don’t know if it’s the right time to split for the arms.

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