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And Then?

Yet again, I have two biggish projects going, both moving along reasonably well. And yet the progress is not photogenic, really. I’ll post update pictures on WIP Wednesday, but there’s not much exciting there. In terms of knitting, the projects are a biggish stockinette top and a biggish garter stitch shawl start. So I need some little projects to throw into the mix so that 1) I have some sense of accomplishment, and 2) it will give me something to blog about.

I’m stuck between a bunch of hat and mitt kits I have ready to go, and my National Park Centennial blanket (Ravelry link). But wait, you may say. A blanket is a pretty big project. Yes, true. But this one is a bunch of small squares in a bunch of different techniques that will eventually become a big project. I started this blanket several years ago, by which I mean I bought the ton of yarn to make it, made 4 squares, and put it aside. This may be the year I get it done. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s time to stock up on hats and mittens as my side projects.

What do you think? Feel free to express your opinions in the comments!

18 thoughts on “And Then?

  1. That blanket sounds like a lot of fun! Then again, I still need to finish my own blankets that are on the needles, so I’m not the best help when it comes to blanket finishing inspiration. 😉 Maybe some mitts? I just got some yarn delivered which will get turned into gloves for a friend of mine, so I’ve got hand accessories on the brain.

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  2. I’m a big advocate of having 3 projects on the needles. You have two big ones so a small one is necessary. Now tell me is it your hands or your head that are cold? That’s where I’d work from. FYI my feet are always cold so I’m always knitting socks:)

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  3. Well there’s the win of a small project but each square kind of is a smallish project so maybe that is also a win. I love the blanket pattern though. If you win the lottery you could do a big roadtrip and knit each square when you were staying in that national park! Buy a ticket lol

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