Sock It To Me Monday: More Socks for DH

I just got a start on some socks for my DH over the weekend – it’s nice to have something completely plain to work on again! I am using my usual toe-up sock recipe, so these should go reasonably quickly.

If you are a sock knitter, do you prefer toe-up or top-down, or are you OK with either? Also, why do you prefer that method?

35 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday: More Socks for DH

  1. Plain socks are so nice to do. Most of my sock yarn is self striping so, vanilla socks are my go to. I prefer top down. Although I did start sock knitting toe up on magic loop. My preferred method now is DPNs cuff down. I have tried toe up on DPNs but my brain just wasn’t happy.

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  2. If I have a choice I prefer toe-up, since that means I can judge how much yarn I have left a lot more easily than if I’m knitting top-down. (Case in point: for sock #1 of my current socks, I had to frog back from nearly done to before the heel because I’d guessed wrong. This wouldn’t have happened with a toe-up sock.)

    But on the other hand, I will happily knit either version, and if I have plenty of yarn there’s no concern about running out. Having leftover sock yarn also means more scraps for my scarp blanket, so that’s a plus. 🙂

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      1. There is a kind of reverse of that where you add the gusset stitches as you are finishing up the foot, then turn the heel and knit the flap kind of as short rows, decreasing away the gusset stitches as you go. It’s a little iffier than the top down version of that heel.


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