More Betwixt Progress

One effect of having only one project on the needs that I had not foreseen is that you don’t have much to blog about. Well, anyway, here’s more of that one project I’m working on!

I’m about halfway done with the lace, so making good progress!

I am rethinking my next project though. I was going to knit a second one of these shawls with an autumny set of yarns that I named Gourd Party in the Mist. (Though I’m changing out the big orange skein for something else.)

However, this month’s pattern for the Confident Knitting pattern club is pretty cool, and this yarn would fit perfectly for it! It is the Findhorn Wrap, and the technique is modular knitting. I haven’t done a lot of that, and the way the wrap is constructed is really interesting. So I’m thinking of doing that next instead.

Will I though? Who can say!

10 thoughts on “More Betwixt Progress

  1. Your shawl is looking great so far and I spot the tops of the skulls. Findhorn is a village near my mother in law and we have been a lot, I wondered if the designer was local and turns out yes she’s from Inverness, 14 miles from me. It looks an interesting construction and dramatic blocks so sounds like a good next project.

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