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Appleton Adventure

If you’ve been reading my blog at all, you may know that my Mom travels back and forth between us and my brother and SIL. A few things changed in our family last year – the biggest of which is that brother and SIL moved from Clearwater Florida to Appleton Wisconsin. So when it was time for my Mom to travel back to stay with them for a while, I decided to go along and visit them at their new home.

It was a short visit – just 3 days there with them, but we got to see and do quite a few things. Our first stop was the Union Star Cheese Factory for a tour and to see cheese being made. The cheese is made and sold all in one big ground floor area, so the tour really is pretty much a demonstration, though you do move around the room a bit.

The day we were there, they were making cheddar. We got there about halfway through the cheddaring process, so got to see them cutting and stirring the curds, and starting the process of molding them into wheels and blocks. We also got the chance to buy and eat really fresh cheese curds. If you ever get a chance to eat super-fresh cheese curds, do not pass them up!

My SIL, Jenny, took me to her new favorite store in Appleton – Anderson Pens.

If you like pens, inks, or journals, you would love this shop! I’m not even a pen person and I left with some fancy notebooks and a couple non-fancy fountain pens.

You may be saying – that’s great, but what about knitting? We did visit a yarn shop, and I did get in some good knitting time, but I’ll write about that part of the visit tomorrow!

18 thoughts on “Appleton Adventure

  1. Appleton is a unique town. My brother lived there for years. I always enjoyed the area. Fresh cheese curds are very yummy but the squeaking kind of weirded me out at first. That pen shop looks fabulous. I bet the yarn shop was wonderful too.

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    1. It was a really big move for them! Fortunately, they are really happy this did it, so that is good. The cheese factory was really clean, and they make great cheese 🙂 The stationery store was pretty amazing. I tried to resist and couldn’t really.

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