Wednesday WIPs

As usual, please forgive the terrible indoor nighttime photo. I have three projects currently on the needles, all progressing reasonably well. The shawl is the Just Beachy MKAL. I’m almost done with the first clue, and the second one has already come out! But that is OK – it will get done eventually, even if not in schedule with the KAL.

The sweater is the Arrowhead Cardigan. It really is an interesting knit, and I’m enjoying it. Also, it is in worsted weight yarn, which after all the fingering weight is just wonderful. It is knitting up so fast!

And finally the Fright Night socks. They are progressing somewhat slowly, but progressing anyway. I just need to spend some time on them, as I’ve been neglecting them in favor of the flashier two projects.

What are you working on, and how is it going?

18 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. Your “flashier” projects are so pretty. I really ikea the colors you have chosen for both of them. I have a feeling the socks are going to have an interesting leg on them. Looking forward to seeing it.

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  2. KAL looks fun so far! And I love the low contrast sweater knitting. I’m currently designing a class project which I’ve ripped several times, but I think I have it now. I’m trying to decide how much time each section takes, to see how much we can cover in class. It’s an interesting balancing game.

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