Betwixt and Between

Apologies – this is going to be photo heavy. I am going to do Ambah O’Brien’s Halloween knit along, and am having trouble deciding on the yarn to use. I definitely don’t need to buy any, having a lot of good options already. The project looks like this – these photos are from Ambah’s site:

And here are my options – there are a bunch of them:

Thoughts? Opinions? Feel free to share!

24 thoughts on “Betwixt and Between

  1. For me, I prefer the 3-color version, although I could definitely see the mini-skein version working well if the motif was knit in only one color, chosen to contrast highly with a gradient background. In terms of color, I prefer the victorian and vampire combos.

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  2. Oh goodness…well one I’d the vampire ones would be my choice but they will all look fabulous. What colour top would you normally wear as I think the skulls at the bottom need to stand out, so it you would be wearing it over a dark top then I’d say pale skulls section so they stand out as I notice on Ambah’s examples they aren’t obvious in some colours.

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    1. That is very true! Most of my dresses and tops are black. Definitely mostly dark colors, so you’re right – light color for the skulls. The vampire ones are getting a lot of love – it’s looking like that’s going to be the way I go. I’m surprised – I thought you would go for one of the purple combos!

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