Halloween of Independence

Is it too early for Halloween knitting? No. Therefore, my Mom and I started on our (Ravelry link) Cemetery Drive cowls so we are ready for the spooky season!

Interestingly, we are both using yarn from Pandia’s Jewels. Mom’s cowl is the greenish one on the left – her colorway is Zombie Outbreak Stage 3. Mine is the darker one on the right. It’s hard to photograph, but my yarn is a very dark purple/blue/black colorway called Poe and His Raven. Mom is about done with her initial ribbing, and is about to get into the colorwork section. I’ve got a way to go on the ribbing before the colorwork, but that’s OK. I have until September to get it done.

Do you do any holiday knitting way out of season?

14 thoughts on “Halloween of Independence

  1. Allistar loves a zombie TV show, every time I catch him watching a new show itโ€™s got zombies in it, so that yarn your mum is using made me smile. I always think if thereโ€™s a zombie invasion Iโ€™d be offering myself up to be turned into one, seems so much easier than all the hiding and fighting them ๐Ÿ˜‚ Iโ€™m already making the occasional Christmas fairy so I definitely craft out of season. I donโ€™t celebrate Easter or other holidays really.

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