MatSu Fiber Festival!

DH, Mom and I went to Palmer today for the MatSu Fiber Festival! I have been to this festival several times over the years. Last year’s was cancelled, like much else in 2020. This year’s fest was a smaller event in many ways. There weren’t as many vendors as other years. However, there were a lot of attendees, which was good to see 🙂

Here’s one of those attendees now! Seriously, there were a lot of people. We got there right after they opened, but it filled up quickly. This picture is blurry because I was already buzzing on yarn fumes.

There were sheep, goats, and rabbits all over the place. People were demonstrating, spinning, weaving, needle felting, and one stand even had a long-arm quilting machine, which is sort of fiber related.

I wound up with a pretty good haul, mostly thanks to Coyote Trail Farm and Fiber Mill, though there are also contributions from Fiber ‘n’ Ice, K3tog, and Dancing Skies yarn. As usual, it was a pretty good time. There was a sad shortage of food trucks, I think because there was a kind of big deal of a festival (Bear Paw Festival) going on nearby. So that was a shame, but otherwise it was pretty good. Here’s hoping they build back up again next year!

19 thoughts on “MatSu Fiber Festival!

    1. It was a fun time! I did get some good finds, and got to support some local fiber producers and dyers, so that was good too 🙂 Yes, OMG that little sheep was the cutest thing ever! His name is Fonzi. He is a breed she is trying to introduce to Alaska. I think she said they are Swiss? Not sure on that – it’s all a blur.

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun time. I am grateful that I don’t have to rely on festival food during the NYS Sheep and Wool. I get my hand stamped and head home for lunch. I can’t stand waiting in those lines.

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      1. The line for cider donuts was over an hour long. One of the attendees had a little cottage enterprise going. She had her young son stand in line with the entire party’s order. The ladies shopped while the kid stood in line. I have it on good authority he was given a little $$ for his trouble. Who knows, maybe they paid him in donuts!

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