Thorsday Throwback

I’m making some progress on my Throwback sweater! The body is done and bound off, and I’m maybe halfway done with the first sleeve. The sleeve is going pretty easy, especially now that I’m halfway done with the decreases 🙂 As usual, please excuse the terrible indoor nighttime picture.

After the sleeves are done, I’m going to have some decisions to make. The original does not have buttons, though it does have bands inner edges of the fronts. I’m thinking I might want buttons, but not sure about that. Also, this sweater may need pockets. The pattern doesn’t call for them, but I might throw them in there anyway. We shall see.

Do you often make changes in patterns you are knitting (or crocheting or sewing)? What kinds of changes do you like to make?

20 thoughts on “Thorsday Throwback

  1. Good progress. Love a pocket – reckon you should add one (or two!). Yes, I change most things I knit or sew, sometimes accidently when I realise I’ve knit the main body of something too long and decide not to rip back!

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  2. I like pockets. I like to make changes to patterns too. Like I will knit a different cuff than what my sock pattern calls for.

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