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Spring is Finally Springing!

I mostly measure the turn of the season by waiting until the enormous mound of snow and ice at the end of our cul de sac has finally melted – YAY, it’s spring! We had two little chickadees hopping around the tree outside our living room window. I have high hopes they will nest in there, but don’t know if that will happen at all.

In other seasonal news, my seeds are mostly doing pretty well – not everything, but that is OK.

How is spring progressing where you are?

13 thoughts on “Spring is Finally Springing!

  1. I was thinking that looked like a tit and having googled it we do call them tits in the UK. We get long tail, blue, great and coal tits on our bird feeders. The chickadee seems most like a marsh tit or willow tit.

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  2. Our trees are fully leafed and the spring flowers are blooming profusely. We had that big 26″ dump of snow in February so I was waiting patiently until the 12′ piles at the mall parking lot slowly melted. They were gone by the beginning of April but our April was a mix of a few (very few) nice days and lot of cold and windy nastiness. Yesterday was cool and windy. Today is predicted to hit the mid 80s. I wish it would just moderate instead of flinging us from one extreme to the other.

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  3. Very well. The bearded irises finally started blooming this week. They are a little later than usual, probably because of February’s extended deep freeze. Also, I picked salad greens from the garden on Friday. We ate homegrown spinach, endive lettuce and radishes.

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