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Decisions, Decisions

I recently signed up to do a crochet along of Ziggy Interrupted (Rav link) run by Knit and Escape. I’ve admired this scarf for a while now, and also feel like I should do at least a little crocheting, hence committing to another project. And that’s OK. I have realized that I’m not going to get any serious projects done this year and have come to terms with it.

This is a pretty large scarf and calls for either 5 full skeins of yarn, 29 miniskeins, or some equivalent combination. I don’t want it to be too crazy, but still a little colorful. With this in mind,I have tossed my stash looking for yarn to use, and came up with two options that I cannot choose between.

1) 4 skeins in the blue to purple range and 1 unit of yellow/orange/pink as a pop of color from this selection.

Or 2) two year’s worth of the Madelinetosh shawl club minis from Jimmy Beans

The second option is a lot more colors, but they aren’t wildly variegated and speckled, so I feel like it would be OK. Not sure about the mini-minis. They came as little extras, so I’m throwing them out there. I do also have a few Mad Tosh unicorn tails to fill this out if need be. The first option would be a bit more subdued, but still some nice yarn combinations.

Thoughts? Feelings? Opinions? Please share!

25 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Your pattern choice looks challenging and complex. Regarding the yarn options, the artist in me likes no. 1 – it’ a gorgeous complementary color palette. But the knitter in me is intrigued by the idea of uniting all of the mini skeins into one piece. I guess this isn’t much help to you!

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  2. Your pattern choice appears challenging and complex. Regarding your yarn choice, the artist in me likes option 1 – a gorgeous complementary palette. But the knitter in me is intrigued by the idea of combining all of those little skeins into a cohesive design. Seems I’m not being very helpful!

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  3. You have two beautiful choices there. I would go with the mini skeins, because they are something I can’t resist buying and if you don’t have a scappy project in mind they just sit there for years. Don’t ask me how I figured that out….

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