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Epic Crafting Quiz

Today is the one year anniversary of the day I got sent home from the office to work from home. Kathy at nothingbutknit recently posted an epic crafting quiz, much of which is about how your crafting has changed during the past year. She answered on her blog as did several other people, so check out her post to see others’ answers 🙂

Here are her questions:

  • Have you crafted more this past year or less?
  • Have you tried or become addicted to any new crafts?
  • Have you added anything new to your crafting that you’d recommend others try?
  • Ballpark estimate: How many things have you made?
  • Which item is your favorite? Bonus points if you leave a link to a photo.
  • Have you found a new designer that you enjoy? Do share a link if you can.
  • Have you increased your craft learning? Have you taken online classes or used video to learn?
  • Have you made more gifts than you normally would? Were they well received?
  • If you have a craft group, have you found ways to meet this year? Maybe zoom meeting or small socially distanced group at a park?
  • Do you want to make something soon? Have you got a plan?

Here are my answers:

  • I feel like I crafted slightly more this year, though not a ton more. I was still working, but I worked from home. So I didn’t have the commute time, but am still doing full days at work. Also, we didn’t go out for the most part and didn’t take any trips at all, so that added to the crafting time this past year.
  • Not much by way of new crafts, just knitting away!
  • I have added a number of new techniques and skills this year. I always recommend that people look at ways to expand their crafting skills, though I don’t have any specific recommendations.
  • I have made roughly 40 things in the last year
  • It’s hard to pick a favorite – if I had to, Dolores’ mermaid swimsuit
  • No new designers I can think of
  • Oh my gosh have I taken craft classes this past year. I went to a bunch of Vogue Knitting Live online things and took a lot of classes and listened to a lot of lectures as well.
  • I made a few gifts, which is about normal. As I made them for my Mom and DH, they were well received.
  • A new crafting group arose out of this situation, and we have been meeting regularly online. That is one of the things that happened to me this past year that was a real blessing 🙂
  • I want to make all the things all the time. There is a plan. Will I follow it? It’s hard to say. If I don’t get distracted by any shiny things, maybe 🙂

If you’d like to play along, feel free to answer in the comments or on your own blog. If you do answer on your blog, please post a link so we can see your answers!

14 thoughts on “Epic Crafting Quiz

  1. Oh, I remember that sheep in the mermaid outfit. So cute!!! I can understand why she is your favorite. My husband is retired now, but his office closed last March and they are not planning to reopen the physical office space until at least this September at the earliest. I think many more people will just work at home indefinitely.

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