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Knitter’s Bookshelf: Distitch

I learned the basics of Distitch from the inventor at last month’s Vogue Knitting Live, and was interested enough to order the book. Distitch is a way of knitting where you are creating almost a double thickness of knitting, though it isn’t double knitting. You essentially keep active stitches from two rows of knitting on your needle instead of from one row. Here are my tiny samples from class – the green one is all distitch, and the gray one converts from regular knitting to distitch.

The book is a very complete review of this technique, covering multiple cast-ons and bind offs, converting from regular stitching to distitch, increasing and decreasing distitch knitting, distitch brioche, colorwork with distitch, and some stitch patterns as well. The techniques are all illustrated with photos as well as diagrams. Also the book has QR codes throughout that you can use with your phone to go to short videos on the various techniques!

All in all, it’s an interesting new technique that could definitely be useful, and the book is very well written and illustrated, and is a great guide to distitch!

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