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Busy Saturday!

Today started like the last two days – up way too early for a Vogue Knitting Live class – this one was on Distitch, taught by the technique inventor Assia Brill. I don’t want to give too much away, but essentially you are knitting through two layers of stitches, which results in a somewhat thicker fabric. It is not a difficult technique, though of course there are tricks to it.

Sorry for the blurry photos – will try for a better one tomorrow. We got though the basics of the technique and she showed us a bunch of things she has knitted using distitch. I quite enjoyed it, and can see that it would make really cozy hats and mittens and so on. It’s a little more labor intensive than just regular knitting, but not a lot more. More or less naturally, the book is on its way from Amazon at this very moment.

Then this afternoon, DH and I went to our annual Chinese New Year tea at Indigo Tea Lounge.

As always, they decorated for the event and created a really nice atmosphere, and the food and tea were amazing as always. They did switch up a couple of the items, so that was nice πŸ™‚

How is your weekend going? What’s exciting and new with you?

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