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Baltic Binge at VK Live

Another month, another Vogue Knitting Live! This month, I lined up early morning classes for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. How early? 10 – 12 Eastern time, which is 6 – 8 Alaska time. Plus side I didn’t have to take any time off from work. Minus side – that means getting up at 5:30, which is really, really early for me. So early.

But at least the classes have been interesting so far! Thursday I had Roosimine, which is a way of adding embellishment to knitting that looks like embroidery, but is not.

It may look hard, but it really isn’t, and you wind up with a pretty nifty effect. My Friday class was on Baltic Braids. We went over a number of ways of knitting braids into your projects.

The last two braids – the three color ones – are not technically part of the class. But the teacher showed us examples with three colors, and it looked neat, so I tried it out. And it worked out fine! I had the same teacher for both of these classes, Aleks Byrd. She has a lot of nifty designs, many of which feature these techniques.

Tomorrow’s class is on distitch. What is it? I don’t know yet, though Amazon sure does want to sell me the book. That dang thing pops up every time I am looking at knitting books there. So when I saw the author is teaching an introduction to the technique, I was interested enough to check it out. I’ll let you know what that’s all about tomorrow!

12 thoughts on “Baltic Binge at VK Live

  1. Pretty! I love stitching on top of knitting. I also love the look of braids. I must find a pattern that incorporates one. I think I read about distitch, or took a Craftsy class on it? Or maybe it was featured on Knit Stars? I don’t recall. hmmm…now I have to go find my notes!

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    1. You should definitely check out the classes for the next one – they have a really broad range of topics! I couldn’t quite believe it either 🙂 Also, other than knitting I don’t think I would have been up to much!


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