Something Actually Blocked Right Out

A while ago I started knitting an Op Tiki scarf (Ravelry link) with two SE2SE yarn. The knitting was going OK, though the scarf was curling itself into a tube, in spite of a garter stitch border. Since I am at the halfway point, I decided to block what I already had done just to see how bad it was, though as we know, not much dire actually blocks out. This is what I got…

It actually did block flat! The fabric is still somewhat distorted, but there’s a lot of slip stitch work going on here, and I think a certain amount of distortion is part of how this scarf works.

Have you had any blocking miracles?

16 thoughts on “Something Actually Blocked Right Out

  1. Not really. More often it is a blocking surprise, like the first time I blocked a superwash yarn object. I didn’t know to expect it to grow quite as much as it did. Now I always block my swatches before deciding on the number of cast-on stitches.
    I like your Opi piece anyway.

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  2. That looks great – I love the graphic pattern of your scarf. I have definitely successfully blocked sweaters that I thought would be too small. I can usually get them to relax a bit and fit just fine. I have also had my share of blocking misadventures, ha! I don’t expect that will change any time soon.

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  3. This pattern is so fun, I’ve gone from trying to follow the maze to watching an optical illusion, I love how it is looking blocked, My head couldn’t compute how to block the waves in on my advent wrap but once wet they appeared on their own.

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