Complications for No Good Reason?

I have been working on making up a sort of freeform scrappy shawl using a Halloween yarn advent set I got in 2019. The yarn theme is Nightmare Before Christmas, which is why I decided on a scrappy theme. So far, I have this

It’s not much of a start, but it’s a start. A few patches, which have not been blocked, which will eventually be sewn or crocheted together when there are enough of them.

However, I recently came across Casapinka’s (Ravelry link) The Secret Life of Cats (and dogz) which kind of does the same thing. Not entirely, but kind of.


On the one hand, I’m kind of pleased with the patches done so far and with my concept. On the other hand, I could just buy a pattern and not have to think anywhere near as hard. Am I complicating things way more than they need to be?

20 thoughts on “Complications for No Good Reason?

  1. I am the master of complicating things more than they need to be so I say, why not – it’s a different kind of challenge and you make something totally your own (just have something mindless and easy to follow on another set of needles for when you don’t feel like the headache).

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  2. Well, I am the sort of person who will always go for the pattern if there is one– I’d rather save my thinking for when it’s absolutely necessary! But that said, I love the variety in your shapes and would love to see what you come up with.

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    1. I am really torn. The pattern would be easier for sure, and looking at the knitted versions, probably come up with something pretty. On the other hand, I’d like to see what I come up with too…


  3. The thought of all the sewing up is off-putting to me! I’d much rather be knitting. I think I’d make a mitered square rectangle shawl. If all the balls are the same, you could find the optimum number to cast on that would use most of each yarn, and pick up and knit each subsequent square from the edge of the previous square.

    But I’m always trying to simplify! Whatever makes you happy!

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  4. I so feel you on this one. Do I want to do the extra work and have it be my pattern? Or should I just follow someone else’s pattern that’s already out there? I guess it depends how much you would alter the pattern, and how much work your idea will be to bring to fruition. I almost always just go for the pattern that already exists unless there’s really nothing out there like what I want. I remind myself that knitting is my hobby, not my job,and my brain does enough work during the work week. Also, if something is going to make me think too hard, I might balk and then it will never get made. I hope this meandering through my brain will help you decide what’s right for you!

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  5. I love the idea of being creative and ‘freestyle’ but I always end up following patterns so I don’t have to think too hard. But you’ve already invented a pattern before, it’s in my queue still, so I think you have it in you to create your own.

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