Rest In Peace, Edgar

Monday night I lost one of my cats, Edgar

We brought him and his friend Lazlo home in November of 2009. He was 6 and Lazlo was 4 when we got them. For the first few days they were very skittish, mostly hiding under and behind things, but gradually getting comfortable and spending time with me. In the 11 years since, he has become my constant companion and snuggle buddy. He gave me a lot of help in my knitting

And was also enjoyed helping me work from home

and relaxing in the sun

Our other two cats, Lazlo and Punky, have been wandering around today, sniffing all the places he mostly hung out over the last few days and looking lost. I know exactly how they feel. I miss him terribly.

31 thoughts on “Rest In Peace, Edgar

  1. I’m so sorry. Losing a friend is hard especially one who has become your co-worker. When I lost Hazel, Morgan was deeply affected for quite a while. We lost the kitten part of Morgan permanently. By the time we lost Mollie, I think the cats knew she was really sick. It seemed to be easier for them.

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  2. I’m so sorry!! I lost my cat Sam a couple of years ago and I still miss him. My dog Leroy passed away recently and it’s been horrible without him. They’re not just pets – they’re family. I completely understand what you’re going through. Hugs!!! 🤗

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  3. That’s sad news. A friend lost one of her cats a couple of years ago, his sister the week after sat on their lawn and meowed disparingly every day. She was obviously lost without him despite the bickering they often had had. Luckily for my friend and her remaining cat they had each other and lots of cuddles helped.

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