Mohair Stripes Progress

The mohair stripes scarf is moving along!

It is all bunched up here, as there is a lot of this scarf! I have to admit that a short way into the pattern I lost track of which yarn was A,B,C, etc., as the pattern tells you to just assign a letter to each yarn in whatever way you want. I probably should have done up a key card or labeled the skeins, but I didn’t. Instead I’ve been just sort of winging it, and I think it is working out just fine. I’m trying to sort of alternate brushed with boucle yarns and more or less switch up stockinette with garter, but not strict alternations. The yarn was a really nicely coordinated set in the first place, which definitely helped!

I could probably stop at this point, but there is this much yarn left

and I’m determined to use up as much of it as I can. Maybe if there’s enough left Harry or Dolores can have a scarf or similar too 🙂

How are your projects going?

19 thoughts on “Mohair Stripes Progress

  1. I like your improvisational approach. This project is a perfect vehicle for improv. There is a story that Elizabeth Zimmerman would divide her yarn scraps into lights and darks, and then blindly choose colors as she knit her Baby Surprise jackets.

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