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Rare Non-Knitting Goal

Somewhat oddly, this year I have not set myself any knitting goals. This year, I really need to focus on fitness, my weight, and some other wellness-related stuff. I have been getting regular exercise for about a month now. I got a Fitbit to help in tracking my activity, along with some other stuff. Getting good sleep has always been a struggle for me, so this will also help me look at my trends there.

Next step is being consistent with calorie counting and sticking with a set number of calories a day. I know many people have specific diets or nutrition programs they like to follow, but in the past I have found that sticking to a set number of calories a day works pretty well. 1 cheat day a week is part of the diet routine for me as well, as I have found that without it I get resentful and snap, and then way overindulge. Cheat days keep me on track.

Finally, I can see from the photo that I need to get more serious about moisturizing, especially my hands.

This isn’t going to change into a wellness blog, but I may well be mentioning the topic from time to time.

Anybody want to share their fitness/weight loss/wellness tips? Are you working on similar items right now? Do tell!

24 thoughts on “Rare Non-Knitting Goal

  1. In my clearing up I found lots of moisturiser that I have started applying daily, I am trying to lose some weight and once it is less treacherous on our walking paths I will bump up my steps per day. I’d like to start doing daily yoga again, it was easy when my husband wanted to do it as well but once he stopped I find it tough to motivate myself. I need to drink mire fluids too, I probably have half what is recommended as it never occurs to me to get a drink except between 3-4 I have a hot chocolate.

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  2. I need to get back to walking/running and yoga/Pilates routines. I tried last week but my foot still hurts. And while I think I will let go of counting calories for a while, I will try to stick with smaller portions and substituting vegetables for carbs. I’m with you on getting resentful and snapping.

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  3. I got a Fitbit a year ago and it changed my life. I love that it buzzes me to walk if I sit too long and challenges me to hit 10K steps a day. I did a lot more walking earlier in the year but we have so much going on that I am satisfied with 10K steps. Good luck to you.

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  4. I am fortunate that I don’t struggle with weight, but I do have a wellness tip. If you are not on a supplement regimen, you may want to look into it. I was recently diagnosed with osteopoenia, and my doctor recommended vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D deficiency is very common, especially in those who don’t get sunshine daily. In addition to helping my bones, I found that my skin, digestion and gums all improved over time. With the COVID-19 pandemic, I added a Vitamin C tablet daily as well, to support my immune system.

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  5. I’m working on getting rid of the ten pounds that crept on. I’m using MyFitnessPal app to count calories as I also find that is the best way for me. I’m trying to limit my sweets and drink more water.

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  6. We got a treadmill way before SIP so it’s been very helpful and I like how I don’t have to go walking outside as I’ve almost been hit by stupid drivers a couple of times. My husband bought a stationary bike, a cheaper version of Peloton’s. I have old barbells that I use. Weight &/or resistance training is a must after 30; it helps kick up your metabolism. My husband and I also practice intermittent fasting; we fast for 18 hours and have a 6-hour eating window. I lost 12 lbs over a year, 3″ off my waist which is so amazing, and an 1″ off my hips and arms. I’m maintaining now; if I stop eating chips, sweets, and ice cream I’d probably lose a few more but I ain’t gonna give those up.

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